Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Correspondence & Musings...

To all you lawyer lovers,
a woman is suing for damage to her vehicle caused when she backed the company car she was driving into her own vehicle parked in the company parking lot where she parked it. God bless America!
His bro, Craig:
Is this really true? You hear things on the net and emails that are totally bogus so I wanted to check. If its true where can I find the actual story
Rob's reply:
this is MY case. you can find it by asking me questions.
RP (bkp: Rob was defending the insurance company. The woman was NOT his client!)

Rob on being Bishop of Philadelphia 4th:
.... Very busy. We have an interesting ward. You will appreciate this President/patriarch. We have a large population of African refugees from Liberia, Sierra Leone and surrounding countries. I know you did a mission in Africa and I can add my testimony to yours that the Lord is performing miracles with the African peoples. Our ward and the surrounding wards are baptizing hundreds each year. We are very blessed. It is often overwhelming trying to monitor the development of our new members. It is a good thing I had such great mission presidents from whom to learn. give my best [...etc.] Rob Price

Rob and The Liver Foundation:
...I would be happy to be involved in the Liver Walk as a team captain! My wife will most likely do the walk. Let me know what is needed. Could you please send me a copy of the Foundation's 501(c)(3) letter as I have contacted a company about being a possible donor for the walk and the Foundation in general. I am actually right across the street from the Foundation on Presidential Blvd so I can stop by and pick it up anytime [...etc.] Thanks, Robert Price

SNL tribute to Chuck Norris: He kicks and he punches with his hands and his feet . . . "This video is awesome!" Robert Price (Rob sang this not infrequently, often throwing in a round house kick for good measure.... live on brave warrior!)

Rob was legal counsel to the CEO of the US Burn Support Organization for the last 18 months. Just months before his passing, he had been officially appointed as a board member of the USBSO. He had done much to help this non-profit group to navigate the transition into the UN.

Dear Mr. Price:

I would like to give my joy of thanks, because without your strong guidance, I would be truly lost. Both the Preamble and Treaty looked really good and I am sure it will be well received tomorrow!


H.E Brandon C. Jones-McGeer
High Commissioner for Burns, U.N -CEO

As of May 14th 2007, the US Burn Support Organization has officially been recognized by the United Nations under Consultative Relations with the Economic and Social Council, as a Non-Governmental Organization.

Rob served as President and former treasurer to the University of Utah Alumni, Philadelphia Chapter. Post-Op health complications prevented him from doing as much as he would have liked lately. However, he wonderfully trash talked the Zoobies for and on behalf of the Utes. GO UTES!

Rob helped launch a Philadelphia Chapter for the J. Reuben Clark Law Society (now going full swing):
I am an attorney in Philadelphia and would like to organize a JRC Chapter here. Please let me know what needs to be done to accomplish this [...etc.] Rob Price
Hi, Robert -- Thanks for inquiring. We've had Phila. on our radar for some time. I'll send this to Dean Scott Cameron, who I'm sure will get right back to you with his most current ideas. We appreciate your enthusiasm and support! [...etc.]
Best regards,
Joseph Bentley, Chair
International Board of Directors
J. Reuben Clark Law Society

President James E. Faust:
Our lawyers need to be more than successful advocates. We need to bring our sacred religious convictions and standards to the practice of law. To do otherwise would bring an inconsistency to our character. There always needs to be a connection between having an involvement in the law and living the gospel.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Philadelphia Story!

My husband, Rob, passed away just over a month ago (Feb 8, '08) and I have found great comfort in pouring through many of our cherished memories. I dedicate this blog to him as I hope to fill it with his pictures, humorous anecdotes, antics, writings, etc., etc., many of which just beg to be shared! My heart felt thanks go out to all who have mourned as well as rejoiced with me... I love easter time as we celebrate the resurrected Savior who enabled us to claim this sentiment: “O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?” (1 Cor. 15:55)
As I move West next month, I hope to keep in touch with many of the wonderful friends Rob & I came to know and love in Philadelphia. My email is beritkprice@yahoo.com, please keep in touch! I am also going to turn Rob's old webpage: http://www.rpricelaw.com/ into a tribute to him pretty soon, so look that up in a few weeks when I get around to that.

Last night was a beautiful night! I picked up my friend, Johanna, and we headed to the symphony at Verizon Hall in the Kimmell Center. It was from the subscription series that Rob and I had for the Philadelphia Orchestra.
On our way to the concert en route from Johanna's home, we passed through a gorgeous section of Fairmount Park heading towards I76. Here, there was a stunning view of the luminous city just before sunset, looking more dazzling than any site I've ever seen! It was near here (picture) Rob & I first spoke openly of our desire to be eternally together back in July '04!!

The concert was spectacular and was conducted by one of the world's greats and Philadelphia's very own, Charles Dutoit. It featured ethereal siren like voices doing impossibly divine & melodious octave leaps (the Philadelphia Chorus, Women's Chorale were featured in the Debussy Nocturne and in Holst's 'The Planets' last night) and glorious brass fanfare, not to mention the magical effects of combined celesta, harps, xylophones, piano, & an elevated organ (which happens to be the largest world class concert hall organ in the US). Soooo amazing!