Thursday, March 13, 2008

A long time ago on a website far, far away...

Rob & I met on a website called LDSPlanet!

Here is a glimpse of this strange (but wonderfully amazing!) alien lifeform I found...
Rob's original profile intro:
I just figured it out. The reason I am still single is I have never forwarded one of those chain letter e-mails that gives you "all your wishes" and "makes all your dreams come true" if you send it to at least 10 friends in the next half hour! How could I be so blind?

I'm originally from Salt Lake City and graduated from the University of Utah. (the first official Philadelphia chapter of the alumni association will be starting soon). My entire family still lives in Utah but I moved to Philadelphia to practice law.

Someone send me a chain letter e-mail quick!!

A little about me...
Salt Lake transplant to Philadelphia approx. 7 years ago
How I feel about the Church...
extremely committed in every facet
What I do for fun...
entertain friends

After we got together, he revised his profile to look like this:
philabong's Profile Introduction:

I would like to meet a fireball of a woman, from Canada, specifically British Columbia who is interested in literature and music, who has an amazing personality, stunning looks, plays classical piano, is 33, is too sexy, is of German and Norwegian descent, has traveled all over the world, and who has met Arnold Schwarzeneggar. In fact, I think I am going to ask this woman to marry me!

Some of my favorite things to do...
rollerblading without the roller blades
getting "lost" at the Peter Whitmer Farm in Fayette County New York
poking my body with needles (hemophiliacs take factor shots as prophylaxis... he wrote this in response to my childhood dream to be a nurse when I grew up so I could poke people with needles. ...I know, warped child...)
If I had $10 million...
buy a concert grand piano
My perfect day would be...
with Berit
My greatest opportunity for improvement is...
my car is generally pretty dirty, except where it is clean
One final thing I'd like to mention...
My perfect woman would only like to watch a movie only one time, have a broken forearm, love blueberries and any other type of berry generally, enjoy eating banana protein powder, enjoy kissing me in Fairmount park, and be able to sing tunes from British TV programs. She should have recently been "asked to leave" a BC hotel for playing the piano without obtaining permission and it would be very cool if she called me "Shazam". Most of all, she should agree to meet me on the moon (referring to lyrics from the Fireball XL5 song I'd sing for him). I think I'll be signing off this site because I've met the woman that matches all of these qualities, and then some. I hope she says "yes"!!

In response to a request by my sister-in-law, Rebecca, to configure a list of our favorites for a wedding shower thing, Rob wrote:
Here is a little about our relationship:
we first kissed at my house while watching Don JUan DeMarco with Johnny Depp (how romantic, a movie about a gigolo!)
our "song" is Reason by Hoobastank. It played a lot on the radio when she came to Philly.
the first thing I ever made her was a peanut butter and jam sandwich.
her favorite food currently is banana protein powder and coconut oil (not really foods but don't tell her that) or most likely she would say blueberries
she hates popcorn
her taste in music, pop music is different than mine so I couldn't tell you the name of her favorite band (bkp - Then, my faves included Dido & Stereolab), she played a bunch of CD's for me but I don't think they were her fave.
she wanted to name her children Apollo and Athena at one point in life (I hope that has changed)
her best friend growing up was Kelly
I made her run the 'Rocky' stairs in at the Art Museum in Philadelphia when she was here (there should be a video of it)
at the zoo she loved the otters and if I remember correctly, the leopards? my favorite is the polar bear
composer I would say Bach, she thinks he is a genius
she loves to roller blade and run
I don't think she has a favorite movie (bkp - but I think Pink Panther with Steve Martin is really funny & I enjoy biopics such as Amazing Grace, Walk the Line...)
my favorite movie is A River Runs through it
my favorite food is hamburgers
my favorite temple is Salt Lake
I served a mission in Spokane, Wa

d'amrugayr HAMDURGER! (Rob could do the perfect impression of this scene!)

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Amanda said...

You guys are so witty and cute! This blog is a treasure of memories and tributes!