Saturday, March 8, 2008

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Friday, February 8, 2008
Bishop Price
Early this morning, our bishop passed away. When Berit (his wife) called to tell the news, we were stunned and full of mixed emotions. Mentally and spiritually, Rob was a giant. He was incredibly smart, faithful, and so dedicated to the church and his calling. He was full of humility, had empathy for others, great kindness and had such gratitude for life. Unfortunately, his body constantly struggled to match the greatness of his spirit. Rob was dealt a body that has had to endure many challenging trials. He has been in and out of the hospital with different infections, surgeries, and was finally diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks ago. Through all of this, he has remained so strong and focused on getting better. He was constantly thinking of our ward and the ward members. Although it was so hard for him to communicate, he was just asking Berit about the youth in our ward hours before he passed away. Although we will selfishly miss him and the influence he has had on us personally, we know his spirit is finally free to learn, grow, serve and bless others on the other side, without the difficult constraints his body imposed in this life. There is no limit to the wonderful good Rob will achieve, for we know his work is not done.Equally amazing and inspiring through this difficult time has been Rob's wife Berit. She is incredible and has literally strengthened my testimony just by watching her example. Never have we met someone with such incredible and unflinching faith in God and in his plan of salvation. Never have we met someone who was so sure of and confident in the promises of a temple marriage. And, never have we talked to someone who so willingly and so unselfishly submitted their will to the Lord's. Berit's strength in this trying circumstance has been a great strength and example to us. Spencer and I keep questioning how can we not be strong and accept God's purpose for Rob's life when Berit has already done so...and she has from the beginning? I don't know the path that Berit's life will take her, but I pray that she will remain in my life. Although we will most likely be separated by distance, I know that I will never forget her faith in the gospel, her testimony of the plan of salvation, her devoted love for Rob, and her love for our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. She is someone I aspire to be like.The true measure of a person's life is not counted in days. Rather in the way that they lived, the lives they touched, and the people they served. The life of Rob Price, therefore, was a long and rich life indeed. Thanks for touching our life and teaching us all you did. Bishop Price, we're going to miss you!
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Fragile, so fragileFebruary 20th, 2008 by jamesnmartha
Just last week, we laid to a well deserved rest a good friend. Martha and I had only really gotten to know Rob, and his wife Berit, during the last couple of months. He was a good man, and his memory lives on. Death is a normal part of living. I realize that unmistakably immovable tenet of mortality. Sometimes, though, lives end a bit shorter than you would prefer. Rob’s flame vanished before we wanted his warmth to disappear. He was a young 38 years old, with a law practice, a doting wife and a recent call to serve as our bishop. Our bishop served in this position less than a year. Yet, his imprint can be seen throughout our congregation. I collected the thoughts of individuals from our ward to write a poem in his memory. While I will not share the prose in this post, I can say that for many people, he was a noble man of integrity and strength. While he will be missed, his memory lives on in our minds as a sweet companion, never to leave us. Rob suffered from genetic hemophilia, and disorders linked to it. He had been ill for some time. Amazingly, his wife of only 3 years, Berit, stuck with him through the ordeal. She had known he was sick when she married him, yet when her parents questioned her desire to be seal to someone in Rob’s condition, her response was “I would rather spend one day married to him, than an entire lifetime without him!” Her courage and fortitude continue to inspire us on through the rapids of chaos known as life. And Rob? He has now joined his mother and brother, both of whom passed on after traveling the same path. May he now serve in peace. (picture: Rob, Berit & Martha Aston)
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By Craig Price on Feb 25, 2008 Reply
I love that you have done this. I love that you loved such a wonderful brother. I am very proud that he was my brother, he loved Philly and the people. you are good people and good friends to him and berit. thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.peace be with both of you.alwaysloveCraig,Shauna, Parker, Cameron, Avery

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