Thursday, March 13, 2008

Rob's father-in-Law

I was grateful to see how wonderfully Rob bonded with my dad on several trips back and forth from Vancouver to Philly to SLC. One day while riding home from the DC Temple, Rob began an exaggerated impersonation of him, & was it ever so funny? I thought so! Here is what I was able to transcribe...
Rob's impression of GARRY ON SKYTRAINS
Garry: ...what they've got is a linear induction system.
Rob: Yeah, yeah, right there, I'm with ya... that's a beaut!
Garry: Yeah, they just put in duel argonaut fission catapult. You get that, all you have to do is generate 1.21 Gigawatt's & install a flex capacitor & there you go.
Rob: Did they ever think of just installing a frictionless electro magnetic rail system like the Japanese bullet train?
Garry: That's what it is! What don't you understand? I just said that.
Rob: (uh oh...I've just lost all credibility) Sooo... lets get back to that bathroom. I understand you had to dig up some floor to run a pipe thru the conduit.
Garry: Yeah, all ya gotta do is clamp off with a spigot, route that up & over, put in a duel manifold clearance drainage which of course has to be up to code. You run that central line out to the main bus B. Then just take that pipe, run it up & over the I-Beam, straighten it out w/ a Clausson wrench & there you go. Woila! Faucet.
Rob: There you go. Water.

The thrust ratio must be greater than the 2.75 L/D rectitude. Make sure the vectors are in line & the tachometer is greater than the longitudinal base average. Then you got flight. Don't know what took the Wright Bros. so long to figure it out.

It's easy... you pixelate the mainframe with a JS 7. To do that all you gotta do is go to the dropdown where it says: W.INF.V8-ps. Click on the access point xyt. Double clk on the wrench icon in box type win.1.x-pp/:8 & there ya go! What's so hard about that? Just run that thru the C drive with the compression program that you access in the program files of the OS. The trick is to know the partitions in your PC before you do all this, so that the partimage will back up and restore to another mounted IDE drive. In your case I would issue the command "mount-t vfat/devhdd1/mnt."
Berit: Ok dad, so after I click on the wrench icon, what do I do again?
Garry: Geez! I just told's easy!

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