Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sea To Sky & Beyond! is our proposal story given from my (Rob's) perspective. It is purposely cheesy at times.
...I hope I captured the spirit of the moment. Sometimes telling it is easier.
I had been planning this day for quite some time. I made dinner reservations at the Four Seasons Resort in Whistler, B.C. and asked Berit out on a date by making a video and sending it over email. Luckily she accepted the date and agreed to go! The road to Whistler is called “The Sea to Sky” Highway. How romantic!
What better road to take to the place where I was going to propose? Going to the sky. I like the symbolism and the sound. Before we left, Berit’s dad printed some information on a couple of waterfalls that we would pass along the way, The Shannon Falls and The Brandywine Falls. I thought to myself, “well one of those waterfalls might be a nice place to propose if the moment strikes me, we’ll wait and see.” “The Sea to Sky” (S2S) Highway is gorgeous. The Pacific Ocean and its inlets and bays borders the road on the West and the mountains rise straight up from the water on the East. When we arrived at Shannon Falls, it had been raining and we took a walk, a steep walk to the falls but didn’t really have a good view. The falls left no lasting impression. We then arrived at Brandywine and the rain was still coming down. It seemed we wouldn’t take the short hike to the falls. I quickly stalled. I drove around the parking lot and stopped at the trail head. Just then the sun came out and I luckily convinced her to take a walk to the waterfall which was about 500 m away. As we were walking down the wooded trail, the sun shone through the newly wetted trees and the water droplets sparkled. I started thinking that this could be a good opportunity. Then Berit made the comment that the air was so clean and was the freshest, most pure air she had ever breathed. She said it so emphatically. I really started thinking “this REALLY could be it!” I could feel the adrenaline pumping... I could feel the heat welling up in my body as the adrenaline rushed. Then we got to the falls -- if you can imagine a perfectly sculptured waterfall flowing, that is the Brandywine. A classic looking waterfall - a river flowing through a canyon and dropping unobstructed directly down into a pool of water below. A vast glacial valley lies below the falls and holds a crystal blue glacial lake. The fall itself looks like a Bridal Veil. The sun was shining, the air was pure and the beauty and power of nature preserved through countless ages was before us and the birds were singing--now was the moment! Except two annoying people were standing on the platform with us. Couldn’t they tell that I was just about to propose?! We were in no hurry because it was such a beautiful sight so I thought I would wait them out. I just stood there holding Berit waiting for a peaceful moment. Finally they were leaving, but I could see a literal swarm of teenagers descending upon us. They adversely possessed the platform for about ten minutes. Berit seemed unphased and I tried to act as cool as possible while the adrenalin was still rushing through me. Finally they left but I could see others approaching down the path, and it didn’t appear that the swarm would let up, so I saw my window of opportunity, carpe diem, and grabbed it. I took Berit in my arms, looked her in the eyes and said, “Berit, I love you very very much. I want to spend the rest of my life and eternity with you. Will you marry me?!” Without even breathing, she answered emphatically, “I will!” and I kissed her while the sun was still shining on the Sea to the Sky!

September 9, 2004.
Robert C. Price

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