Thursday, March 13, 2008

Presby Days

We found occasional amusement eaves-dropping in on some of our eccentric neighbors antics during prolonged hospitalizations at Presby & HUP. Below is a candid shot of Rob doing said eaves-dropping.
Rob was ministered to by his former two counselors, Rob Wood (front right) and our now new Bishop, Bishop Lake, as well as our former Stake President, President Smith (now new Area Seventy), and his former counselor and the now new Stake Prez, President Coe (back left). From their leadership and service, we felt immense strength and comfort. How we love these men!
My heart breaks a thousand times to see my beloved husband in such a saddened state, and I longed to just be able to kiss it all better... oh how i love this man! Rob was hospitalized back in mid-October of '07 with a septic elbow. "You would be surprised at how much your elbow does. Flying with one bad wing is a real bummer. thank you for your prayers." Rob Price. Despite working with only one good wing, I admired how positive he remained as he rehabilitated his arm back to full range-of-motion, and how well he endured prolonged days in the hospital. As grateful as we were for the care, and that I could stay by his side every night (the cots were great!),
we longed to crawl into this together again . . .

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